The new approach to the architecture of Shopping Centers

Significant change for the architecture of the shopping center in the future will be the physical format of the shops.  A large segment of the shops will be less focused on having a consumer paying for a product and leaving the shop with it in a bag or box (generally called a Point of Sale)


Instead the retail environment of the shopping mall will be more an situation whereas products are exhibited, brands introduced and consumers have interface with sellers. The purchases and exchange happens on line and could include home delivery, car drop off or a selected pick up point.  The shopping center environment, especially the architecturally quality will be more a “Retail Experience” of a Leisure, food and entertainment will be a critical mix to this component.

Engaging experience for the consumer, make it more exiting and entertaining. New retail centers need to be more Sustainability design, for environment, customers and social responsibility. New approach to concepts especially digital and e-commerce, ethnic markets and cultural and consumer domains.

In this manner the traditional shop fronts of shops will be reinvented or diminished, public area of the mall will start to be integrated into the shops themselves and likewise the public zones will be commercialized.  The materialization, lighting and signage and even sound in these areas will need to be reconsidered. One already see this redesign in cinemas, electronic shops, furniture stores and groceries formats in contemporary shopping centers.

Published in CRE magazine: CRE март1_2016