Amstelveen A9

Amstelveen A9 is a sustainable master plan study, which issues a statement of intent to add approximately 230,000 new housing units in the greater Amsterdam area over the next 20 years. With the rapid growth in the Randstad area there is a huge demand for housing. Residential development in the greater Amsterdam area such as..

Zenata Eco-City

Zenata, Africa’s first Eco-City. C Concept Design unveiled their master plan for Zenata Eco-city, with an Eco-campus, and Health Centre, all connected by massive green corridors and linked together through inter-modal transportation. With this, the Zenata Eco-City is well on its way to offering a diverse range of high value-added services for the eight million..


Binnenstadgarage is part of the Nieuwe Binckhorst urban plan to rezone and redesign the Binckhorst district of The Hague as part of the city’s goal to optimize the neighborhood’s green and water features as a place for working, living, and leisure. The overall objective of the municipality is to extend the residential fabric of the..


Kopenhagener is a feasibility study for the redevelopment of a monumental 1800s building located in Berlin, Germany: the Hans Heinrich Muller Electricity Station Building. The study sought to visually understand if it is possible to transform this historical building from a district electricity station into an expanded offices format, apartment complex with a student housing..


  C Concept Design is leading the movement towards green living in Holland as a masterplanner, architect, and urban designer of 69 new-build homes, 45 terraced and 24 semi-detached houses, in Almere. “This project has several key elements that make it futuristic by design,” notes Matthew VanderBorgh, CCD’s Director. “Instead of using natural gas, it connects..

De Groene Loper

The “Groene Loper,” or Green Pathway is a mixed-use project to relocate the A2 motorway into a dual layered tunnel and develop the surrounding areas of Maastricht. C Concept Design serves as a consulting masterplanner and design coordinator to ensure feasibility and sustainable intention for all phases of the design process. The initial project tender,..

Futur 2 Residential

Project Info Located along the Moskva River, these exclusive residential towers present commanding views of the Moscow City commercial district. The plan involves a 35-level tower and a 46-level tower, each oriented to receive optimal amounts of sunlight on all sides. Both towers feature a variety of styles of high-end apartments, all with access to..

2Keizers Regeneration

C Concept Design was commissioned to provide design solutions for two landmark buildings in the historic core of Amsterdam. Multiple options were designed for a variety of programs including office, residential, retail, and multi-purpose. The focus for the program is a deluxe inner-city residential building with dedicated parking and a spa facility. Floorplan View on..

Tanzanite Park

This mixed-use master plan is located along the Tanzanian coastline to the north of Dar es Salaam and in the heart of the Mikocheni district. The 6.36ha site of Tanzanite Park contains 85,000 m² of program wrapped around a central plaza. The master plan for Tanzanite Park was developed according to the principles of Vastu,..