Kopenhagener is a feasibility study for the redevelopment of a monumental 1800s building located in Berlin, Germany: the Hans Heinrich Muller Electricity Station Building. The study sought to visually understand if it is possible to transform this historical building from a district electricity station into an expanded offices format, apartment complex with a student housing..

Amstelveen A9

Amstelveen A9 is a sustainable masterplan study for Ballast Nedam Development to the City of Amsterdam, which issued a statement to add 230,000 new housing units in the next 20 years. A9 is one of the many areas where there will be residential development to fill the needs of the housing demand in the greater Amsterdam..

Urban Interactive District

Project Info Amsterdam will soon have a dynamic new Urban Interactive District (UID) on Arena Boulevard in the southeast part of town (Amsterdam Zuidoost) that seamlessly integrates living, working, shopping, and leisure. C Concept Design is representing the developer, Ballast Nedam, to realize this mixed-use project covering 2.5 hectares and featuring one of the highest..

Energy-Neutral Living in Almere

C Concept Design is leading the movement towards green living in Holland as the masterplanner, architect, and urban designer for 69 new-build homes in Almere, including 45 terraced and 24 semi-detached houses. “This project has several key elements that make it futuristic by design,” notes Matthew VanderBorgh, CCD’s Founding Director. “Instead of using natural gas,..

De Groene Loper

project info The master plan for De Groene Loper is created by the infrastructural project of the new A2 highway tunnel in Maastricht and provides an opportunity to reconnect the city center of Maastricht. The project provides for more than 1,000 new residential dwellings and 30,000 square meters of commercial real estate linked by a..

Food Center Amsterdam

  project info The redevelopment of the Food Center Amsterdam (FCA) is the largest innovative masterplanning project in central Amsterdam. The historic Food Center is a central wholesale market with the most diverse assortment of fresh produce in the Netherlands and supplies the restaurants, retail locations, hotels, institutions and supermarkets in and around the city...

Villa André

project info Villa André is a custom-built home for a private entrepreneur and his family. The Villa is located in an exclusive green area outside Voronezh. Conceived as a weekend getaway location, this design will integrate the areas landscape and the riverfront. The project includes an indoor/outdoor swimming pool and large fitness spa. C Concept..