Sheraton Sulaymaniyah

Project Info This unique mixed-use Master Plan development is located in the historic city of Sulaymaniyah, the cultural capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. The project program includes 1,500,000 m² of first-class progressive office space, residential and retail space. A five-star Sheraton Resort anchors the site, perched on a prominent hill above the city, and is accessed..

Voronezh Riverside

Project Info Peter the Great built a dockyard in Voronezh where the Azov Flotilla was constructed for the Azov campaigns in 1695. This fleet, the first ever built in Russia, included the first Russian ship of the line, Goto Predestinatsia. The Voronezh Riverside concept provides a Master Plan and proposes a program and landscaping for a scenic and challenging 560 ha site..