ECO Practice

Energy Neutral Living in Almere

C Concept Design is leading the movement towards green living in Holland as the masterplanner, architect and urban designer for 69 new-build homes in Almere, including 45 terraced and 24 semi-detached houses. “This project has several key elements that make it futuristic by design,” notes Matthew VanderBorgh, CCD’s Founding Director. “It’s gasless, and connects to..

For the Birds: Flamingo Island

What can you do with 200,000m2 of land dredged from a city harbor? One forward-thinking city on the Aegean Sea in Turkey thinks it’s for the birds, literally: they plan to build “Flamingo Island”– a new habitat will extend the region’s designated Waterfowl Conservation and Breeding Ground, home to 289 bird species including 50,000 migrating..

Delta 21

Project Info Delta21 is a current project in development and has a major emphasis on sustainable energy practices. The artificial island is located in Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands and has already been discussed on publications if this might be the island of the sustainable future for its innovative take on natural energy. The project will be..