ECO Practice

Urban Interactive District

Project Info Amsterdam will soon have a dynamic new Urban Interactive District (UID) on Arena Boulevard in the southeast part of town (Amsterdam Zuidoost) that seamlessly integrates living, working, shopping, and leisure. C Concept Design is representing the developer, Ballast Nedam, to realize this mixed-use project covering 2.5 hectares and featuring one of the highest..

Energy-Neutral Living in Almere

C Concept Design is leading the movement towards green living in Holland as the masterplanner, architect, and urban designer for 69 new-build homes in Almere, including 45 terraced and 24 semi-detached houses. “This project has several key elements that make it futuristic by design,” notes Matthew VanderBorgh, CCD’s Founding Director. “Instead of using natural gas,..

For the Birds: Flamingo Island

What can you do with 200,000m2 of land dredged from a city harbor? One forward-thinking city on the Aegean Sea in Turkey thinks it’s for the birds, literally: they plan to build “Flamingo Island”– a new habitat that will extend the region’s designated Waterfowl Conservation and Breeding Ground, home to 289 bird species including 50,000..

Delta 21

Project Info Delta21 is a unique project concept in the best traditions of Dutch water builders, aiming to turn nature into energy by using large-scale, sustainable, and energy-conserving approaches. C Concept Design was engaged to develop the concept and visualizations for this ambitious project. The project includes the development of an artificial island and lake..

Winkelcentrum Zuidplein

Project Info Winkelcentrum Zuidplein is a Hart van Zuid commercial project that will upgrade and extend the retail front of the shopping complex in Rotterdam. This project simultaneously incorporates more shops and transportation points, alongside an active approach to stewardship of the built and natural environments. Central elements include green walls and green roofs ,..

Les Terrasses du Port

Project Info Les Terrasses du Port is located on the Boulevard du Littoral in the heart of Marseilles. The commercial shopping center boasts a 260m long restaurant terrace with a pristine view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The project included designing a new shopping center and urbanizing the district. This retail landmark was part of the..