Winkelcentrum Zuidplein

Heijmans, BND
Under Construction

Project Info

Winkelcentrum Zuidplein is a Hart van Zuid commercial project that will upgrade and extend the retail front of the shopping complex in Rotterdam. This project simultaneously incorporates more shops and transportation points, alongside an active approach to stewardship of the built and natural environments. Central elements include green walls and green roofs , solar panels, an urban farm, as well as electric indoor parking, electric buses, and bike-friendly access. The new entryway is designed as a large staircase to maximize visitor flow from the primary entry and exit of the retail center, whilst the new bus stop and pedestrian plaza is to become a focal point for vehicle transportation and pedestrians. Different concepts of public space by the stairs were introduced to maximize space usage, including greenery of indigenous, low-maintenance plants, a bike storage unit, and a café. The project is due for completion in 2021/2022.


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