Marseille, France

Les Terrasses du Port

Concept Design

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Les Terrasses du Port is located on the Boulevard du Littoral in the heart of Marseilles. The commercial shopping center boasts a 260m long restaurant terrace with a pristine view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The project included designing a new shopping center and urbanizing the district. This retail landmark was part of the greater Euro-Mediterranean project for renovation. Opened in 2014, this urban intervention to revitalize the Port of Marseille offers 50,000 m² of retail with a direct connection to Marseille’s Mediterranean ferry operations. The shopping center has been a significant force in revitalizing the harbor area of Marseille. For many years, the area had not been accessible to the public until 2001 when the ban to construct the mall was lifted. The shopping center attained a certification level of “Excellent” by BREEAM, further distinguishing it as an environmentally conscious and sustainable commercial building. The four-level shopping center also provides a venue for leisure, including beach football and swimming, as well as restaurants overlooking the historic harbor of Marseille. In addition to the elegant location and environmental friendliness, Les Terrace du Port attracts customers for all the brands available within the shopping center. With 35 new brands introduced to Marseilles and over 190 total, Les Terraces du Port has a wide appeal to shoppers. The shopping center is also home to a range of international and high-end brands.


Associate Architects: 4A Architecture, Kern & Associées Architecture.
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