Moscow, Russia

Riviera Mall

In Progress

project info

C Concept Design was commissioned to develop a new facade design and enhance the existing retail layout for a partially constructed shopping centre. The 298,000 m2 Riviera Mall is located along the Moscow River, with one side facing a major transportation artery and the other on the bank of the river.

The design addresses the highway while also taking advantage of the site’s scenic beauty with a riverfront and leisure park. The design elements of the mall include sculptured waves with lighting, inspired by its proximity to the river and the alternating levels of light in the city. Along the 400-meter highway facade, raised iridescent panels will reflect the changing angles of the sun and clouds. Several panels have LED lighting and continue this reflecting effect into the night.

When complete, the mall will contain world-known brands and various entertainment facilities for both kids and adults. Attractions will include fashion, electronics, a hypermarket, and a multi-screen cinema. The mall reflects the importance of art and culture through its own art exhibition space. Restaurants and cafes will have a spectacular view to the Moscow River. Efficiently laid out, the panoramic views of the river and 260+ shops make it a promising project for Moscow.