Almere Nordlandt

Energy-Neutral Living

Ballast Nedam Development
Architecture, Masterplan
Under Construction

C Concept Design is leading the movement towards green living in Holland as the masterplanner, architect, and urban designer for 69 new-build homes in Almere, including 45 terraced and 24 semi-detached houses. “This project has several key elements that make it futuristic by design,” notes Matthew VanderBorgh, CCD’s Founding Director. “Instead of using natural gas, it connects to sustainable city heating networks– reducing CO2 emissions and conforming to the Dutch government’s call for all homes to stop using natural gas by 2050. Plus, special materials like the prefab hull and foundation, the PV panels, and special brickwork mean the EPC is significantly lower than the norm. Nordlandt is a partnership between local government and industry partners eager to respond to growing demand for homes and lifestyles that are truly energy neutral. All of the homes have been sold and construction work is in full swing, with delivery of the first homes in the third quarter of 2019.



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