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This challenging 14,000 m2 extension and renovation of the Megastores – in The Hague involved a two-phase approach to reprogram and upgrade the shopping centre’s architecture and interior design. The plan included the re-branding of the project to make the shopping experience customer friendly through improved circulation and a renovation of the atmosphere with natural materials, ceiling panels and new floor surfaces. The renovation also included the introduction of several new shops, restaurants in the atria, and a feasibility study of the inclusion of a large electronics anchor store.

Megastores contains over fifty stores, 40,000 m2 of which is in the furniture and home improvement industries. The retail venue is housed in a long building that is built parallel to the Waldorpstraat and the railway line The Hague-Rotterdam; a short distance from the HollandSpoor train station and The Hague University. Megastores claims it is the largest indoor mall in the Benelux.

Parking decks for 1750 cars are located atop the building on the second and third floor, that connect to important vertical connection points throughout the center. These connection points are highlighted with extra-large wallpaper with local heroes like the typical Hague candy “Haagse hopjes” and other recognizable local items. C Concept Design studied and implemented the design of new entries from adjacent transit connections and portals into the parking ramps to make vehicle access a pleasant and welcoming experience.

The commission also included studies to add a residential program on the adjacent peripheral areas in the form of towers and building blocks. This included creating a large civic plaza on the tram stop for visitors of the shopping center. The objective of this design active was to provide a more integrated plan for both the shopping center and surrounding community.