Istanbul, Turkey

Kozzy Retail Centre


Renaissance Dvlp
Concept Design

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The 14,000 m2 Kozzy Retail Centre, developed by Amstar and Renaissance, features over 60 retail units that provide visitors a high-quality mix of retail choices. The mall also boasts indoor and outdoor terrace restaurants and cafes, as well as a nine-screen cinema. Located in a high-density residential area in Istanbul’s Kadikoy district, the mall is easily accessible via a nearby bus stop and an underground parking garage that has 260 stalls.

The Kozzy Retail Centre opened its doors in 2010 with 100% occupancy and has since had wide acclaim. That same year the mall was named Turkey’s Best New Shopping Centre Development (under 50,000 m2) by Turkey’s Trade Council of Shopping Centres & Retailers (AMPD). Subsequently, in 2011, the Kozzy Retail Centre won the prestigious ICSC European Shopping Centre Award for the Best New Small Development (under 20,000 m2) category.

In addition to its high-quality retail and functional design, the Centre is also home to offices that host local Council Chamber meetings, the 400-seat Gönül Ülk-Gazanfer Özcan Theatre Hall and an art exhibition centre. The outdoor plaza can be closed off for public festivities and the interior atrium, with ample seating and quality finishes, is an optimal social space for the community. As most people are able to arrive on foot, the mall embodies a convenience mixed use concept – reducing travel time and costs in a busy city with expensive transport.

Needless to say, the Kozzy Retail Centre has become a popular and charming destination with its large range of uses, all-encompassing design and prime location.