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Kopenhagener is a feasibility study for the redevelopment of a monumental 1800s building located in Berlin, Germany: the Hans Heinrich Muller Electricity Station Building. The study sought to visually understand if it is possible to transform this historical building from a district electricity station into an expanded offices format, apartment complex with a student housing extension, and underground parking. The redevelopment plan envisions a mixed-use building with added features such as cohabitation levels (lower and upper levels) , mezzanine, residential offices, student housing, and underground parking. It also adds skylights and windows in the attic level, including a central glass roof in the center of the pre-existing building. The facility is directly adjacent to the site of the former Berlin Wall, where urban scars had made it a blighted area before the collapse of the Wall. Many of the architectural additions and re-uses for the Kopenhagener building would increase the density in the area and positively contribute to the diversity of the city.