Voronezh, Russia

Gallery Chizhov Centre

Gallery Chizhov
Interior Design

Gallery Chizhov Centre is located on Koltsovskaya Street, Vorenezh city, a regional capital with a population of more than 1 million. The project was built in 3 stages; the first stage consisted of a 25-storey, 14,000 m² “Class B +” business centre and an 8-level, 130,000 m² Shopping Centre positioned in the heart of the business, trade, cultural and historical life of the city. Gallery Chizhov Shopping Centre is a third-phase extension to the existing shopping centre, consisting of new retail as well as a hotel and deluxe housing. Three new levels of retail will be added, with a focus on luxury shops on the renovated ground level. The proposed design is sensitive to a historical monument that also exists on the site and connects to the city’s major pedestrian walkways. The shopping centre’s interior has a unique design; spacious shopping galleries, a light-filled atrium, panoramic lifts, a backlit glass waterfall, an exclusive fountain, and decorative landscaping result in a beautiful and functional architectural solution. The multi-functional centre houses many well-known brands. PROMOD, ZARA, Adidas, Carlo Pazolini, Bershka, Motivi, Monsoon, O’Stin, Marlboro Classics, Benetton, Mascotte – there are more than 200 retail areas with a total area over 46,000 m².

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