For the Birds



Concept Design
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What can you do with 200,000m2 of land dredged from a city harbor?

One forward-thinking city on the Aegean Sea in Turkey thinks it’s for the birds, literally: they plan to build “Flamingo Island”– a new habitat that will extend the region’s designated Waterfowl Conservation and Breeding Ground, home to 289 bird species including 50,000 migrating through each year, with the land removed from the harbor to make way for increased marine transportation.

C Concept Design took the original vision of local engineering consultants, Artiproje, and developed the plan for local officials proposing a win-win approach for stewardship of the built and natural environments. This new island, born of excavated material, represents the perfect example of adaptive re-use of natural resources. The project supports not only local animal life, but also the robust tourism industry that flocks to this Aegean coastal town to enjoy Bird Paradise annually.

Project site along Flamingo seasonal migration path