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Food Center Amsterdam

Ballast Nedam Development
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The redevelopment of the Food Center Amsterdam (FCA) is the largest innovative masterplanning project in central Amsterdam. The historic Food Center is a central wholesale market with the most diverse assortment of fresh produce in the Netherlands and supplies the restaurants, retail locations, hotels, institutions and supermarkets in and around the city. The FCA redevelopment design was selected in an international competition to transform the site into a modern and sustainable residential and logistics district. It is a joint venture consortium between the developers Ballast Nedam Development (BND) and Volker Wessels Vastgoed; CCD is serving as Director of Masterplanning and Architectural Design for BND. The project is a collective of over 20 Dutch based designers with Mecanoo as the tender urbanist. The initiative will transform and consolidate the current area of approximately 23.5 hectares for the premises of a new and modern food center of 95,000 m² and over 200,000 m² of residential usage. C Concept Design started with 140,000 m² of residential space and was able expand into 197,000 m² of new housing areas. This creates space for the construction of 2,000 residential units in the city center for private ownership, institutional investors, student, and social housing. The masterplan envisions an emphasis on sustainable design practice, with every residential building having a separate architect as the lead designer. The Central Market Hall, a historical landmark built in the 1930’s, will be the focal point of the project and will be restored to its former glory as a place of exchange for food produce. The historic Market Hall will be open to the public and integrated with a large public park that will be the forefront of the visual connection to a main access road in the city. An interesting side note to this site’s history: American artist Keith Haring painted an iconic mural on the brick wall of a storage facility, hoping to leave behind a public work during his 1986 visit to the city. In 1989, the same wall was covered with aluminum insulation panels– only to be uncovered in 2018, revealing this creation once again. Read more about this story here.


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