Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Food Center Amsterdam

Ballast Nedam
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The redevelopment of the Food Center Amsterdam (FCA) is the largest innovative master planning project in central Amsterdam. The historic Food Center is a central wholesale market with the most diverse assortment of fresh produce in the Netherlands and supplies the restaurants, retail locations, hotels, institutions and supermarkets in and around the city. The FCA redevelopment design was selected in an international competition to transform the site into a modern and sustainable residential and logistics district. It is a joint venture consortium between the developers Ballast Nedam and Volker Wessels Vastgoed.

The initiative will transform and consolidate the current area of approximately 23.5 hectares for the premises of a new and modern food center of 95,000 m² and over 200,000 m² of residential usage. This creates space for the construction of 1,600 – 2,000 residential units in the city center for private ownership, institutional investors, student and social housing. This new residential area offers different audiences an opportunity for modern living in an attractive location with waterside apartments, park amenities, and views of the skyline of Amsterdam.

The public areas of the master plan are designed to de-emphasize the use of vehicles on the site in order to focus on maintaining the quality of the public space for pedestrians and bicyclists. To achieve this objective, the project’s parking has been placed under the residential units and will have direct access to the road network, which will leave the area along the canals entirely vehicle free.

Architecturally, the project will be a collaboration with over 20 design firms of international and Dutch credentials. The master plan envisions an emphasis on sustainable design practice, with every residential building having a separate architect as the lead designer.

The Central Market Hall, a historical landmark built in the 1930’s, will be the focal point of the project. The building will be restored to its former glory as a place of exchange for food produce. It will also contain restaurants, cafes, an exhibition area and a boutique hotel. The historic Market Hall will be open to the public and be integrated with a large public park that will be the forefront of the visual connection to a main access road in the city. This new park will feature seasonal activities and provide for exterior food market events.



CCD Role “Director of Master Planning and Architectural Design – Ballast Nedam”

Associated designers:
VMX Architects