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The Zenata Eco-Campus in Morocco includes state-of-the-art Engineering and Business Schools, student residences, laboratories, and sports facilities, plus a central Student Commons in a landmark building with library, administration, meeting, and food & beverage spaces. This will all link seamlessly to the Health Care Center’s Medical School, teaching life sciences, and public transport links on the peripheries. The Health Care Center also includes a medical tower, a training center, and a clinic that specializes in applying mass production techniques to healthcare. A hotel and apartments line the other side of a green space, which all the facilities are positioned around, creating a tranquil and relaxing environment. Thirty percent of Zenata Eco-Campus’ total footprint are designated ecological corridors– surpassing the ratio of green space per inhabitant recommended by the WHO (10 m2/inhabitant). The green spaces include water collection ponds and support local flora and fauna. Moreover, natural cooling is achieved by harnessing winds from the Atlantic, helping to keep the carbon footprint low and a wonderful quality of life for the students and visitors. For more info see: