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Delta21 is a unique project concept in the best traditions of Dutch water builders, aiming to turn nature into energy by using large-scale, sustainable, and energy-conserving approaches. C Concept Design was engaged to develop the concept and visualizations for this ambitious project. The project includes the development of an artificial island and lake that will serve as flood protection, energy generation and storage, fresh water guarantee for Rotterdam and the surrounding area, and the salt tide fish migration between the North Sea and Rhine/Maas. The Valmeer, a 20 km2 water storage basin, will produce its own electricity via surplus water from on-site turbines. To drain the Valmeer in 12 hours, 93 pumps of 20 MW each are needed, which also generate electricity as turbines when the Valmeer is filled again. The pumps/turbines are housed in caissons with a total length of 600 m.It is estimated that, by 2030, the project will yield  €110 million/year in energy production, along with CO2 savings of up to 4 megatons per year. At a price level of € 50/tonne CO2, this also generates a saving of €200 million annually. This is in addition to the cost savings from not having to raise and reinforce the dijks– a value of €2 billion through 2050 and over €6 billion by 2100. Support from this project includes TU Delft, University of Wageningen, DEME and Van Oord.


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