Maastricht, The Netherlands

De Groene Loper

Ballast Nedam
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The master plan for De Groene Loper is created by the infrastructural project of the new A2 highway tunnel in Maastricht and provides an opportunity to reconnect the city center of Maastricht. The project provides for more than 1,000 new residential dwellings and 30,000 square meters of commercial real estate linked by a major new public green space for bicycles, pedestrian and local vehicle access. Taking into consideration the infrastructure and urban redevelopment of Maastricht, the De Groene Loper project is one of the largest regeneration projects currently being constructed in the Netherlands and has a significant impact on the economic and social life of the greater region.

For Ballast Nedam Development, C Concept Design performed feasibility studies for the 24 urban plots of land for residential and commercial development, made available by the new tunnel. The initiative includes creating urban connections across the site to connect the master plan to the larger community and transportation hubs. Central to the design is the development of new neighborhoods and pocket parks through a program of primarily ground-bounded residential units combined with small scale apartment blocks and surface parking. Additionally, the master plan program incorporates elderly care residential units, student housing, and social housing.

The urban design for the residential program is focused on providing housing that is organized with the goal of maximization of quality, private gardens for the residents, and dedicated parking areas in the common area. The program is designed for the plots to be developed over several phases and an extended period of time suitable for the local market demand. Several of the plots are being developed for institutional investors, so C Concept Design is designing them appropriately to fit their financial models and requirements.

C Concept Design provides consultancy services as “Director of Master Planning and Architectural Design” for Ballast Nedam Development.


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