Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam


The Dar es Salaam Masterplan proposes nine interconnected coastal districts that are tailored to the needs and civic aspirations of Tanzania’s largest city. The program consists of a new harbour, coastal park, beach resort, education campus, wetlands, and a Formula One racing facility.

Civic spaces and leisure destinations centered in the city’s waterfront will draw tourism and business, which will establish Dar es Salaam as the capital of East Africa. These revitalization plans add several features to the waterfront that include a water taxi station, beachfront residences and hotels, and ample commercial space. These major infrastructure upgrades will establish Tanzania as a key economic and logistical player in East Africa.

Harbour Front

The Harbour Front will be a new civic space for the city. A range of public facilities and attractions – among them a city park, aquarium, marina and upgraded ferry terminal – the front will offer something for every visitor.

Coco Beach

The proposal seeks to invigorate the Oyster Bay area with a strip of beach front residences, hotels and commercial spaces. On one end of the beach a pier will house the water taxi station and restaurant, while the other side will include a marina for leisure water sport activities.

Coastal Park

The private golf course will be relocated, and converted into a public park that will become the green heart of the central business district. Contemporary office buildings will overlook the park, providing workers with breathtaking ocean views. With tree-lined paths, restaurants, museums and a beach boardwalk culminating in a dramatic pier, the coastal park will be a destination for both residents and tourists alike.

Selander Eco-village

Currently the river delta at Selander Bridge and adjacent tidal area are experiencing extensive erosion. The proposed eco village development would involve reconstructing the wetlands and preserving the wildlife and fish habitats. In this natural sanctuary, education and tourism will come together. Elevated paths connect the visitors center to water taxis and lookout points, allowing tourists to explore the wetlands from above.

Masaki Resort

The Masaki Resort will be a 5 star hotel situated on a private beach at the tip of the Msasani Peninsula. This landmark hotel will attract the world’s elite to Dar es Salaam while banquet and entertainment spaces cater to the many embassies located nearby.

Education & Leisure Campus

With a thriving sports rivalry between the city’s two main football clubs and a newly built stadium, Dar es Salaam is poised to become a recreational centre for Africa. The new leisure campus will put an emphasis on educational and recreational facilities with an aqua-dome, sports and entertainment stadium, as well as a number of academic institutions. A maritime school and sailing club will take advantage of the site’s prime location along the water. In combination with the city’s stadium, these facilities will equip Dar es Salaam to host a range of major sporting and entertainment events in Africa.

Formula One Racing Track

To be located on the site of the TIPER refinery, the proposed Formula One Racing facilities will include a regulation track, grandstands and all support infrastructure for major racing events. The venue is accessible by water taxi, while spectators arriving by yacht can dock in the Grand Prix Marina. Visitors can enjoy a boardwalk which connects the race track with hotels, restaurants and a track side VIP Club.

Bagomoyo Eco-Village

This proposal for the new Port of Bagamoyo consists of an off-shore, deep water port that is connected to the coast by a spine. This design emphasizes the preservation of the estuary, minimizing impact on nearby eco-systems. Meanwhile the off-shore scheme creates flexibility for future expansion and reorganization of the port and the spine serves as a controlled access point for the port.


The master plan calls for the relocation of the present Dar es Salaam Port to the identified port location at Mbegani, near Bagamoyo. Removing stressors such as the port and oil refinery is the best practice to prevent further wetland loss and degradation of the bay housing the current port facilities. The wetlands will be rehabilitated and developed as safe marine and wildlife habitats.

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