Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dar es Salaam


Project Info

The Dar es Salaam Masterplan proposes 10 interconnected coastal districts that are tailored to the needs and civic aspirations of Tanzania’s largest city. The program consists of a new harbour, coastal park, beach resort, education campus, wetlands, and a Formula One racing facility. Civic spaces and leisure destinations centered in the city’s waterfront will draw tourism and business, which will establish Dar es Salaam as a capital center for East Africa. The revitalization plan adds several features to the beach that include a water taxi station, beachfront residences and hotels, and ample commercial space. The refurbished harbour is intended to be the jewel of the city, with a new city park, marina, aquarium, and a crucial renovation of the ferry terminal. The downtown area will be opened up by relocating a private golf club and the creation of a park, which will act as the green heart of the business district. The plan pays close attention to the environmental vitality of the coastline and regional wetlands, with the understanding that the conservation of the country’s natural resources and beauty is not only important to the environment; it can also be used as a magnet for ecotourism. The Selander Eco Village will facilitate this by combining ecotourism with sustainable living and education spaces that will prevent the erosion of the existing surroundings. These actions, along with the addition of protective measures and education and leisure areas inside the wetlands, will play up their importance to the community and more notably, making it one of the primary destinations on the coast.