Amstelveen A9

Feasibility Study

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How do you unify two communities divided for years by the A9 motorway?  Create an integrated design with residential and public programs connected by open green space.

Amstelveen A9 is a sustainable master plan study, which issues a statement of intent to add approximately 230,000 new housing units in the greater Amsterdam area over the next 20 years. With the rapid growth in the Randstad area there is a huge demand for housing. Residential development in the greater Amsterdam area such as the A9 motorway is one of the many areas that will be redeveloped to fill this gap.

The design study redevelops the underground A9 vehicle tunnel. It places the residential and public programming alongside the tunnel on ground level with a quality green open space on top of the tunnel.

 The biggest question was how to connect both sides of the city that are divided via the A9 highway and unify it into a community. The resulting master plan achieves this by suggesting a gradual increase from ground-bound housing units into mid-rise and accented high-rises by the tunnel edge.



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