Symposium with the Moscow Real Estate Forum

Matthew VanderBorgh, director of C Concept Design, participates in the 2015 MREF symposium. The Moscow Real Estate Forum purpose is a venue for professional communication of leading Russian and foreign players in the real estate market, attracting investments, experience and technological exchange. Representatives of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, the Government of Moscow, heads of Russian regional administrative authorities and major international investors and developers participate in the Forum.

The presentation of Mr. VanderBorgh topic focused on riverfront development in Europe (Marseilles France), Africa (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) and its relationship to the Moscow plans for the reconstruction and upgrading of the Moscow River Embankment for new public areas and development. The thesis for presentation emphasized the successful relationship for Public-Private-Partnerships in the development of large scale urban waterfront revitalization.

The sponsor of the symposium is Vedomosti newspaper.