“100 Architects of the year 2015”

C Concept Design selected for International Invitational Exhibition “100 Architects of the year 2015” C Concept Design, under the design of Matthew VanderBorgh, was selected to participate as one of “100 Architects of the Year” 2105 by the Korean Institute of Architects (KIA). The accepted submitted entry for exhibition was the new 15,000 square foot Kruizenga Art Museum at Hope College in Holland, Michigan in the United States of America.

The focus of the exhibition, as written by Jong Ruhl Hahn, the director for KIA, was hosted “in order to exchange and maintain cooperative relationships with various architects around the globe, and to establish a bridgehead for the Korean architectural culture to become part of the global mainstream culture.”


October 21 – October 25 2015

Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul Korea