Eco-friendly neighborhood : the future of Almere?

In Almere, The Netherlands – Innovation and Sustainability Collide 

Almere – Clover Project – Surrounded by woodlands and freshly paved bike paths, a cozy yet innovative and eco-friendly neighborhood is in the process of being formed.
We, at C Concept Design, are pleased to be able to present the first images of our pilot project Clover, which is designed and developed in cooperation with Ballast Nedam Development.

The Clover project aims to create a unique and high quality residential neighborhood, with pioneering sustainable or optional zero emission homes.
The urbanized character of our designs celebrate the forest and nature, subsequently connecting every street with an alluring axial view. This will provide an open and interactive community with effortless access to a green and natural environment.

We shaped the architecture to have a vernacular common appeal, where the sustainable concepts are subtly integrated in the design including roof top forest viewing decks, solar panels, green parking and water retention collectors.
The diversity of the residential buildings, supply a vast variety of choices for the inhabitants to enjoy.

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